Friday, March 7, 2014

Ready For Spring Break

Greetings friends and family,

This being parent-teacher conference week means several things.  The twins get out of school early every day and the school has different themes to show school spirit.  We didn't get any pictures of Wacky Wednesday, but did for the "decades", a.k.a. oldies, dress day.

Easton and Layla were appropriately dressed for the occasion.  Layla's poodle skirt has a cat on it.  She was excited to show her costume to her friends and wear it through school.

Easton had his own 50's style with the leather jacket and t-shirt.  I'm proud of them for participating and just having fun with it instead of worrying about what other classmates might think.

 Spirit week is over and that kicks off spring break 2014!  Next week the twins will be off all week long.  Unfortunately I will not be. I've been taking off too much work over the past few days so I'll hanging out at the office for normal hours.  Kendra is going to need some play dates and outings to keep her sanity because Ouma is going home.  I'm already sad about her visit here being over and her departure still a few days away.

After spending an evening with Princess Layla, Easton was ready for his own special time with just us two boys.  The ladies went to our friend's house for dinner.  Those friends have a few rabbits.  It's hard to see because the white rabbit blends in with Layla's white sweater.

The daughters pampered Layla by playing dress up with her dress collection.

and then there were more bunnies...  Layla is a party waiting to happen.  They found out another way to spark her fire with bunnies and dress-up clothes.  Layla is kind of like a real-life doll.

II asked what he wanted to do and didn't give him any guidance or limits.  He quickly said, "build more steps on the space shuttle!"  So that's what we did.  We spent the evening sorting out the remaining parts for his shuttle and made some progress on building it.  unfortunately i didn't get any pictures because we were having too much fun hanging out and I forgot to take any.

However, the next day I arrived home from work a little early to take a solo mountain bike ride.  I haven't been riding much so I needed to take a nice, easy stroll through the desert trail to get my legs and lungs back.  As I was gearing up to go Easton asked (begged) to come with me and right his trail-a-bike.  I wasn't in need of solitude so I said, "why not?" and loaded up his bike gear.

We rode the toughest trail to date for Easton.  Previously we did mostly flat, smooth rides.  Today we did a rough ride with many ups and downs.  He said it felt like a roller coaster.  We both howled like wolves as we dropped into some of the steep downhills.

At one point Easton asked why we were going so slow.  I had to explain to him the laws of physics about gravity and going "up hill".  It's a tough lesson to learn, but life is the same way.  sometimes going fast with the wind at your back.  other times it is just a matter of grinding out the slow up hills and keeping your eye on the future.

Hearing Easton ask me to go riding was a pleasant surprise.  He's not an adrenaline junkie, but I'm glad he enjoys mountain biking.  As long as he wants to have adventures with me I am happy to include in mine and follow him on his own.  It's a great start!

See you soon.

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