Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Way Back Whensday

Greetings friends and family,

In the midst of the busiest season I've seen in a few years I still take time go for a mountain bike ride.  Notice I didn't say "make" time.  that's impossible.  All we can do is take time from one priority and use it on another.  The ride was smooth with only minor scrapes on my elbow because I'm still getting used to the clips on my new bike.  I've only been able to ride a couple of times in the past few months, but each time I go it makes me want to go more.  My lungs and legs are a little mad at me for pushing so hard, but only for a day.  

photographs are very deceiving when it comes to angle and difficulty.  This looks like a stroll in the park, but it is a treacherous section of heavy-breathing uphill fatigue.

I'm still singing good night songs for Layla and Easton every single night.  Layla is stuck on Daddy's little girl as sung by Michael Buble.  She insists I rub her back with a light fingernail touch as I sing.  While Kendra and I were gone to Texas, Ouma wasn't made aware of "our song".   Layla sung it for Ouma from start to finish so she would get the hang of it.

Easton is still perfectly content with Jesus loves me.  Nothing wrong with that.  i'm looking forward to his interest in playing instruments to accompany my singing some day.

Morgan came over for a while this evening.  She stops by from time to time and we're always glad to have her hang out.  She does well with the twins.  Partly because she fits in the same boxes they play in.  Just kidding, it's because she knows how special they are and enjoys them as much as they enjoy her.

Today is a special day.  Not for me our us, but for her...  Mom.

I'm not able to give her a birthday hug and say "happy birthday" face to face so a phone call and a picture here is as good as it gets.  I'm closer to her today than we've been in years.  Relationships are dynamic.  they are either growing or withering, but they are never just status quo.  I'm content with how ours is growing.  Happy birthday to Mom and many more to come.

Several months ago Layla gave me a rock from my own yard.  I gladly accepted her gift and kept the rock on my night stand for a long time.  I knew then that even though it was just a rock that it was all she could give.  At her age, there isn't a single thing she has that I didn't give her (except maybe gifts from friends and family).  Anyway, over the past few months she's been drawing me art work almost daily.  I gladly accept and display them at work, in my room, and even at the hotel while we were in Texas.  Layla gave me this one the other day and I had to keep from laughing because it says, "I love bab" instead of I love dad.  She's really good at reading and writing for a five year old, but everyone makes mistakes.  especially while in the early stages of learning.  I appreciate the heart behind the art.  That's what matters most to me!

I'll end this post with two Way back Whensday pictures just for fun. These two are from the 18 month old era when they starting to be more fun.  Hind sight is only sometimes 20 / 20.  There is much of these first two years that was and still is a blur.  I'm extremely grateful for Kendra's mothering instincts and her love for being a mom.  We both agreed early in our dating life that we both want her to be a stay-at-home mom.  I haven't regretted that decision for a single moment.

When Easton and Layla look back through the pictures and blog posts I want them to know with absolutely certainty that not only was I present, but also lovingly, intentionally involved in their lives from day one.  There are times I miss this stage where everything was amazing.  A silly facial expression would generate giggles and hugs lasted as long as I wanted.

See you soon!

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