Saturday, October 12, 2013

Arizona Ranch, Texas Big City

Howdy folks,

We are enjoying our time in the land of y'all otherwise known as "deep in the heart of Texas".  The dichotomy of our day was in how relaxing our morning was and how crazy busy our evening was.  We exercised in the gym, went for a slow walk through the outdoor mall, and I even took a dip in the semi-heated pool.  Those few hours were rejuvenating, to say the least.  Then we met up with Pastor to spend the rest of the evening taking in information about how to run a mega-church.  It was like drinking through a fire hose.  I met dozens of people and asked question after question about processes and procedures they use to make it work.  Unfortunately, there were no socially acceptable moments to say, "Can we get a picture together?"  The memories will only exist in my head.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  I mean that literally.  Easton and Layla joined our friends and their kids for a ranch experience.  These are the pictures I have, but no context or stories.  We weren't able to talk with the twins or Ouma tonight probably because they were all wiped out tired from the excitement of the day.  Easton is beginning his journey to develop into a knight in shining armor.  Everybody starts somewhere!

Riding around in the John Deere is something every boy wants.  I'm glad he was able to go for a ride on this one with his buddies.

Great.  Now I have to buy Layla a pony.

There is no doubt in my mind she will ask me for one within the first five minutes of our next conversation.  Even if I don't get her a pony I'm really happy for her to have these experiences of riding horses and learning how to interact with animals.

I'm sure there is more context needed for the next picture, but I'm interested to find out how and why she was riding on the front of a four-wheeler with six people on it.  I can imagine her screaming, "charge!" as they rode around the ranch.

I'm starting to miss the twins a little bit.  Only two more sleeps before I see them again and give a much needed break for Ouma.  I'm very grateful for our friends who have provided a change in scenery and shift from the norm for the twins and Ouma.  I know how much it means to have those fun events and get togethers during the day to mix things up.

Fall break is over for the twins.  The only person more excited than the twins for school to start on Monday is Ouma (I'm guessing).  No matter how much she loves them, I know from experience it's refreshing to have some "me" time where their well-being is the school's responsibility for a few hours.
See you soon!

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