Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Greetings Halloweenies,

The 4 Webbs are not afraid to admit we participate in the age-old tradition of giving away twenty times more candy than our kids take in.  It's not about the loot...  It's about the experience.  

Our neighborhood is a hotbed of activity on Halloween.  We have car-loads of kids dumped off by parents and they parade through like a line of ants.  Ouma and I chaperoned the twins while Kendra stayed in the driveway to give away two enormous bags of candy within an hour.  This is probably my favorite picture from the outing because Easton and Layla are both ecstatic about trick-or-treating with Ouma this year.  She reluctantly dressed up, but the neighbors were impressed.

Now that Ouma is retired she can join us for holiday's outside of the school calendar such as Halloween.  Hooray!  I'm trying to work out a deal with Oupa for 50% custody, but I'm not holding my breath.

My HOA board member neighbor has a full-sized skeleton pirate that sings with background music while shaking his hips.  The twins were mesmerized.  I had to physically turn them towards the street to hit up the next house because they were so intrigued.

Our neighborhood is unique in that almost every neighbor sits out front in their driveway and many gather at a single house. It was common to pass several darkened houses before coming across a driveway full of families and buckets-o-candy.

Layla knows how to pose and stand patiently while Daddy gets lots of pictures.  Easton was eager to fill his pumpkin with candy.  Can't say that I blame him for the "hurry up and go!" smile.

I agreed to let them each have one piece of candy tonight.  They dug around to find the only full-sized candy bar in their loot.  A deal is a deal!

My sweet princess Layla and my queen Kendra dressed up in her 50's poodle skirt.  I'll add this to rotation of pictures on my phone's screen saver.  Two of the best gifts I ever received.  When I looked at this picture I sat in shocked silence for over 10 minutes.   Just thinking, "Is that grown-up looking young lady my little baby who I held in one arm?"  When you see a person every single day, little changes are hard to detect.  However, occasionally I see a picture like this where I'm able to really process who Layla has become and it causes me to do a double and triple take because she is growing up faster than I care to admit.

This is the last year for Spiderman Sr. and Jr.  Almost half of the trick-or-treaters who crossed our path called Easton "Spiderman Jr.".  That's not bad, but his costume is getting a little too small and won't fit next year anyway.  We'll start planning early and next year we'll each have our own unique costumes.  

With all of the new responsibilities at church I've logged more 12+ hour days in the past week than I have in the past year combined.  Looks like this month is shaping up to be highly time-intensive, but also very rewarding.  It's a real balancing act that's going to take some getting used to.  Also, I have a new job opportunity on the horizon that may or may not pan out.  Either way I'm going to have to step up my A-game at work and stop loafing so much.  I was joking with a friend today that it's almost embarrassing how much I get paid considering how easy my job is.  Seriously.  It's a dream job by my own admission.  I shouldn't (and don't) go around saying that at work, but this is my blog where I can be as open as I want.

1. I work whenever I want for as long as I want.
2. I can wear flip-flops and a tank top every day.
3. Travel is at my own discretion and optional.  
4. My coworkers are highly trained and professional.
5. I get 21 days of vacation per year plus a sabbatical.
6. I listen to music and play on my computer all day.

There's not

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