Friday, August 3, 2012

Down South

Hello friends and family,

Our summer time fun in Sacramento is up so it's time to head back home.  Kendra made the most of her last few days by joining in play dates with her Mommy group.  She stayed over night at Megan's again with Layla  who already misses Isabella.  They took time for one last dance in a style befitting four-year-old princesses.  

Kendra and I went roller blading for a date night and wound up at her old elementary school.  She reminisced about her childhood friend, Cori, who skated up and down the hills we tackled.  As we were gliding through the school grounds a girl came by walking her dog.  In an unbelievable twist of fait it was Cori!  She is staying with her mom for a few weeks before heading back to the Bay Area and just happened to be going for a walk with her dog.

They met a few nights later for dinner and invited another school friend, Valerie.  Such a small world...

We were finally able to connect with my long-time friend, Craig, and his family for an evening.  Craig's son, Nate, showed Easton a Wii dance game.  At first Easton was vocal about not wanting to do it.  Then after seeing Nate having so much fun Easton loosened up and joined in.

Some of those dance moves were really cool and I'm interested to get a dance game like that for the 4 Webbs to join in.  We'll see...

That night we arrived home to an unusually warm house.  uh-oh...  The air conditioner broke!  Ouma is at the beach on the central coast with her sisters.  Oupa is in Colorado touring the country with his parents.  We were on the fence trying to decide when to leave Sacramento and this made our choice very simple.  We packed up the Pilot in record time and left the heat wave like the Millennium Falcon escaping the exploding Death Star.

Onward South towards the brisk, chilly beach in Los Angeles!  The 7 hour drive was smooth and executed as planned.  Kendra knows California like the back of her hand.  Normally we drive at night, stopping only for gas every 3-4 hours.  Not quite the same when Easton and Layla and their bladders are awake.  We stopped about every hour for a pee break...  and gas... and food...  I thought we would never get there!  Layla asked "are we there yet?" no less than 30 times.  Easton was content the entire trip to have a movie on and his blanket handy for cuddling.  

Layla gave me several great expressions to work with during our impromptu photo shoot.  They are both very good travelers.  Her surprised look is Oscar-worthy.

Our arrival at the Rosa's pad in Redondo Beach kicked off a round of hugging and welcoming like I've never seen before.  The two princesses picked up right where they left off...  playing dress up.

Landon is Easton's new hero because of his willingness to take on the big brother role.  Landon't extensive Lego collection helps too.  Each item Landon spent hours working on is methodically ending up in a pile on the floor in front of the display shelves.  We have a lot of work to do!

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