Friday, September 29, 2017

Bye bye, Alaysha

Hello family,

Our housemate Alaysha is no longer with us.  She has gone on to a better place...  Hollywood!  After 18 months of being one of the Webbs she has flown the coop.

We've known her for eight years and enjoyed every moment of watching her mature into the wonderful young lady she is today.  When we were in Phoenix she asked to move in with us and we gladly agreed.  She instantly became 100% Webb with a full inheritance of everything we have.  She lived with us for free.  Not because she couldn't afford it, but because we are generous and wanted her to be financially solid when it was time for her to go.  She's always wanted to live in Hollywood to chase her dreams of being an actress.  She showed up deeply in debt, but left us with $10,000 in her savings.  Her full time job and consistency in being a good steward led to a great platform for her to stand on her own in LA.  She opened her life up to us with full transparency and we were intentional about being emotionally, spiritually, and financially available to her.

This is the last picture of us 5 in Seattle.  I begged everyone for a photo shoot in our back yard for the sake of memories.

She joined us at family events to cheer on Easton and Layla.  In Phoenix she supported Layla during figure skating competitions.

and in Seattle we have some awesome neighbors who are quickly becoming friends.  This is Alaysha's full Seattle family.

In Phoenix she joined us for family dinners and long conversations most evenings.  I haven't blogged much during the past couple of years.  One reason is because we spent many evenings in sincere discussions about church, career, boy friends, and dreams.

Her influence on the twins has been tremendous.  Sometimes it is with fashion and glamour.

and sometimes just with loving and being loved.

She fit in well with our quirky lifestyle where we happily do embarrassing things for no reason at all.

She was a sister for Layla, who always wanted one.

and a friend for Kendra during some dark, depressed times she went through.  Her

This picture shows the depths of our family-ness more than any.  She was one of us during the mundane moments and the amazing adventures.

Christmas was more generous with her around.

when my family, Wayne and Dawn Marie, came to town, she was one of us.  There was no isolation or separation between blood relatives and her as a family member.

Alaysha found time in her busy work schedule to join the 4 Webbs on holidays like the 4th of July at Mission Beach.  Of all the invitations to go to parties and be with friends, she chose us.

I taught her how to install a ceiling fan and strongly suggested she learn how to do these DIY activities around the house.  She'll thank me one day...

I opened her eyes to two decades of music that she missed because she was too young to hear the 80s and 90s.  our trips to the beach and shopping usually included music culture lessons.

She was one of us and always will be.  She moved out of our house but that doesn't change her status as member of the Webb family.  That's for life.  She is confident that we are here for her and with her no matter what.

During the year long stay in Seattle, we only visited her at work one time.  It wasn't a big deal, but we proved that if it is important to her then it is important to us.  I'm glad we were able to see her in her element, being a great employee.

There have been several times where Kendra isn't able to join us for adventures because of her health and back pain.  We go for adventures without her and Alaysha has always been welcome to be a part of them.

We will miss her tremendously.  All of us cried and hugged several times during the last couple of days.  For the twins, it was the first time they've experienced such a loss of our household.  Ouma and Oupa will be back regularly so their departure is a "see you soon".  The departures of our last housemates (David and Morgan) were not as noticeable because the twins were younger and their stay was only a few months each.

We are so very blessed to have Alaysha with us for this chapter in the 4 Webb's story.  We are watching with popcorn and anticipation as she steps into the spotlight and finds her own way in life for the first time.  She will never be alone as long as the 4 Webbs are here.  

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