Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In-laws In Town

Greetings family,

been a long time!  After Kendra and the twins were in Sacramento without me for two weeks, we had two weeks of Ouma and Oupa time our house.  There was plenty of front-porch sitting and many hands for petting Max.  I've been working my tail off for nine months waiting for these weeks of fun to come around so I can take some vacation time.

Easton and Layla are making great use of their summer, thanks to Kendra's planning and building relationships.  Our neighbor down the street was doing face paintings for some strange reason.  The twins were the willing recipients of the painters.

With all of the summer goodness, there are always challenges.  such as... wasps!  Oupa and I went to the store to buy a wasp trap because they are invading our front porch.  I brought it home and handed the box to the twins with a request to "take care of business".  The looks on their faces are very appropriate because they were horrified, but I gently applied enough verbal pressure for them to just do it.  They correctly assembled the wasp trap and I proudly hung it for them.  Since then, our wasp problem is gone.  I want them to feel powerful over themselves and confident in their abilities to tackle new things they've never done before.

Even though school is out, the twins are keeping at it for reading and math.  Easton is reading the "Warriors" series, which is about cats.  It seems to keep his interest well and he stays with it for 30 minutes at a time regularly.  Makes me happy to see them continuing on so they can get ahead of the curve for when they start the 4th grade.

Layla is progressing well in her ice skating skills.  She is continuing her private lessons as well as attending summer camp classes such as ballet, dance, and other off-ice training. I get to be there for the Saturday lessons and sometimes during the week if I go into work late.

Here's a rare picture of all 4 Webbs.  Not 3 or 5, but just us 4 in a single shot.  They all rolled their eyes and huffed a little as they appeased my request to delay one minute from leaving the house.  These are the pictures I stare at occasionally at work when i get a few minutes.  I smile and thank God for millionth time that Kendra is alive and well.

One evening, with Ouma and Oupa at home, Kendra and I took the beach chairs and drove to the water's edge to watch the sunset over the Sound.  This night was one of the best of the month for me because we had some alone time in a scenic paradise moment.

We kiss in front of the kids now more than ever.  They reached the age of awareness where they clearly know what's happening and think it's yucky.  I'm perfectly comfortable with that.  When we kiss and hug in the kitchen, they will eventually come and stand between us to get the dual parental hug.  They may not like watching us kiss, but they love how much we love each other.  Even when then can't explain it, they are still very deeply in tune with the atmosphere we maintain with each other and the affection we so liberally share.

Easton and Layla have their own individual way of doing things.  This makes parenting a two-person effort because one goes one way and the other goes another.  Even on a swing set they go opposite directions.  luckily, they don't go anywhere other than back and forth.  That means i can take a picture anyway and capture two smiling faces.

This is the whole family of people who were in our house plus me, the camera man.  Even Max made it into the camera to get the complete view of us for the two weeks Ouma and Oupa were with us.  We went to a free concert in the park for some relaxing outdoor fun.  Alaysha is working long hours to continue taking big steps towards her financial goal.  When she moved in with us she was in debt, but now she has over almost $8k in her savings account and no debt!  Soon, finances will no longer be the thing keeping her from moving to L.A.  There are a few other things to line up, but she's preparing well.

We all went to Judy's beach (Mission Beach) and even added our neighbor Kain to the mix.  Layla had Evelyn as a playmate so bringing Kain kept the balance in the force. The water was surprisingly reasonable in the noon day sun that poked through the clouds.

Kendra and I took a long walk on the beach, for real.  Not just a tag line in a single person's profile.  We are living it out together and loving every sandy-toed step of it. The house behind us is Judy's house.  The tide rises right up to the deck so it really is beach-front property.

The view from that deck is so peaceful and enjoyable.  Most of our time was spent talking and resting.  This is a sure sign we are getting old, but I won't deny how much i appreciate sitting and talking.

Easton and Kain used the clam digging tools to scoop holes in the sand.  They could have done this for hours and been perfectly fine even without catching anything alive.  I think they caught a little shrimp once, but the joy of being a boy on the beach is sometimes as easy as drilling holes in the sand.

I believe this will be the last summer to stage this picture of the twins hanging off of me.  I used every ounce of strength to keep these two up in the air.  They are growing so tall and it shocks me to see them getting bigger with noticeable differences almost monthly.

We moved to Seattle almost 11 months ago.  Alaysha has been working at her job for about 9 months.  We haven't taken the time to visit her at her work even once until this day.  We packed up the fam along with Ouma and Oupa for a surprise visit.  The whole crew jumped out in a low-key "surprise" and we had a chance to hang out during her break time.  She's been such a blessing to our family and she knows she is forever a Webb.

See you soon!

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