Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring is on its way

Hi family,

The first winter in Seattle is always the most difficult, from what I've been told.  I'm still not tired of the rain, but I'm getting to the point where a few hours of sunshine each week would be like Superman rising above the clouds to recharge his batteries.  On my drive home from work I took the time while stopped at a stop light to get a picture of my sun roof with sun coming through the open space.  It's the first time I've opened it since moving here 6 months ago!  Spring is on its way.

Our den gets a lot of use.  most evenings you'll find Kendra cuddled up on the couch watching cooking shows.  Here she is shaking her head in disgust and yelling at the tv while the lady on the "Joy of Cooking" uses a whisk instead of a spatula.  "how could you!?!?"  she says.  and I just laugh...

Layla found a new neighborhood friend who lives only 8 houses down on our street!  she is one year younger than Layla, but when the "Just Dance" game starts up on the XBOX 360 kinect, age doesn't matter.  I tried to jump in on their dance party, but Layla quickly shoved me out of the way.

Easton uses the game table as his personal work shop for Lego building.  He is spreading his passion for Lego building blocks across his newfound excitement of the video game Halo.  He's super excited about all the little rocket blasters and cannons.

We invited our first house guests over this past weekend.  They are our next door neighbors whose son plays with Easton several times per week.  We made them dinner and spent a while conversing while the kids played together.  We are starting to get a real heart of compassion for our neighborhood and it feels like our first steps into reaching out is just over the horizon.

Kendra and I are both feeling that a shift in moment and direction is coming soon.  A shift where we are able to start interacting and having an impact on our sphere of influence.  For now we are content with continuing to unpack boxes because we're not even close to being fully done.  Kendra's rest and comfort are on the top of our list.  With that being our main focus, we are succeeding.

See you soon!

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