Monday, March 13, 2017

All Getting Along

Hi family,

I'm 42 years old now.  probably should start some sort of mid-life crisis because I could live to be 84.  After dumping virtually every dollar we had into our house and moving our family to Seattle, I'm a little shy on cash for a mid-life crisis.  i'll postpone it for a couple of years...  My birthday has consistently sucked for the past 9 years because my Uncle Dave passed away on the day before my birthday.  Even so, I'm grateful he was able to hold my babies and see how the cycle of life flows.  I'm grateful for my health and unbelievably blessed life I have.  Every morning I wake up and look over to see Kendra sleeping next to me.  that is the best birthday gift I could ever receive.  Kendra made me a special chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  She knows me so well...

Our house is as "done" as we are going to get, finally.  our couch and chairs arrived so we have a place for guests to sit in our living room.  I'm planning for pictures this coming weekend to reveal the work done in the past three months.  Here's a preview of our couch with Max resting on a pillow.  He is super excited about the blinds being open and the couch sitting high enough for him to watch all the peeople walk by.

Here's our living room.  new floors and couch and chairs, but same old dining room table and credenza.  it's feeling a lot more like home now that we have zero boxes in the living room.

Layla and Easton's rooms came out really well and the twins are happy with it.  Kendra added their letter to the door as a finishing touch on their room decorations.  it is nice for them to both have their own space to play and read and sleep.

I've been very neglectful of taking pictures of the twins lately, but the adventures continue, daily.  Easton is slowly migrating his passion from Jurassic World and Star Wars to Pokemon and the video game, Halo.  he completed Halo 3 and found out there is a 4th and 5th game in the saga.  i'll end up buying that for him soon because we are having fun playing it together.  He wants me to buy my own Pokemon cards, but he has plenty for us to play the card game and to talk about.  He knows almost every statistic about every Pokemon character and he quizzes me regularly to see if i'm up to speed.  He's amazingly smart and knowledgable about topics he loves.

Layla is still going strong with her figure skating.  She's going to private lessons twice per week and a group lesson once per week.  I'm am so very glad we live less than 15 minutes from the ice skating arena.  On Saturday mornings I get up early and we have some doughnut time together before she gets on the ice.  I'm excited to see her individual performance coming up in two weeks.  She's been working hard on and off the ice to get the routine down.

Kendra and I are doing well.  We took time for a day date while the kids were in school and it was one of the best times we've had in a while.  Just her and i sharing a meal and taking a walk together through some scenic places.  The sign on the wall caught my attention so i took a picture of us to describe the feeling of the day. I'm looking forward to Kendra feeling more at home in Seattle, but until then I am perfectly happy being strong enough for the both of us in this area.

See you soon!

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