Monday, May 25, 2015

Goodbye First Grade

Greetings friends and family,

There is a ton of transition and change and adaptation going on at the Webb house.  Kendra is adjusting to life without hair.  The mo-hawk was cool, but when it started clogging the drain in the shower she took matters into her own hands and buzzed it off.  I love being with her in public because people try to figure out why she has no hair and back brace.  It's entertaining.  Maybe that's demented humor, but I love to show off Kendra's sparkly personality and life-giving attitude when her physical appearance shows obvious signs of distress.

We are adjusting to live with second graders now that first grade is officially over.  Here's Kendra before taking the twins to school for their last day of first grade.

I did a first-day to last-day comparison picture just for fun.  The difference i see is that we cared about their hair and outfits and style on the first day.  By the last day Easton has buzzed hair and Layla's is up in a ponytail.  Both of them are wearing t-shirts.  I guess that's about par for the course though.  By the first day of second grade we'll be back to stylish and hair groomed.

Having second graders in the house means they can get their own stinkin' toast in the morning and stop waking us up.  Thank God!  We've been waiting for seven years for a peaceful Saturday morning because Mr. Early Bird (Easton) just loves to wake up early on the weekends.  He has no problem sleeping in Monday through Friday, but Saturday morning he springs out of bed with a smile on his face.  I'm happy for them to also have figured out the remote for the TV.  They watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and eat toast until Kendra and I get up to take care of them.  Hooray!

We are adjusting to baby birds in our back yard.  Some bird built a nest in our lemon tree and laid eggs.  I thought seriously about cooking the eggs in a skillet, but since they are fertilized and in some state of development I didn't want to take the chance of re-enacting the "are you my mother" book if i cracked one open.

We are adjusting to life as the "4 Webbs" again.  After 9 weeks of much-needed help from my mom, Kendra's mom, my sister, and Kendra's friend, Megan we are settling back into a new normal with just the four of us.  Easton and Layla are processing Kendra's adversity in different ways.  Both of them individually cuddled with Kendra and asked, "will you be completely bald?"  Kendra answered "yes, probably by next week."  They were sad and concerned, but only because they don't understand that her hair will grow back next year.

We are adjusting to summer.  This will be the first full summer in Arizona we've experienced since the twins were born.  Our normal summer includes spending 8 weeks or so in Sacramento.  However, Kendra's chemotherapy schedule will keep us close to home for the rest of this year.  We plan to spend much of our time in the pool as soon as it warms up to meet the standards of these Arizona native wimps.

Even with all the adjustments there are many normal things going on such as hanging out with friends launching rockets.  We drove to the outskirts of town to a wide open spot where the twins launched and retrieved model rockets.  This seemingly normal Saturday activity was greatly needed because hanging with friends and doing regular adventure stuff is very valuable in times like this.

Birthday parties are another constant in the ever-changing world of the 4 Webbs.  This time it was our friend's daughter's five-year-old birthday at the Kroc community center.  The facility includes an indoor water park with pool, water slide, and lazy river.  Turned out to be a great birthday party that the twins will not soon forget.  The theme was Disney's Frozen movie.  The cake had a doll stuck in the middle and blue icing all around.  The kids dove in and it looked like everyone devoured smurfs.  blue tongues, hands, and even teeth!  We choose which birthday parties to attend very carefully.  I'm glad we chose this one because friendship for me is as important as it is for Easton and Layla.

Kendra's friend Adrianne arrives tomorrow to stay for a week.  I'm excited for Kendra to have her friend here for some girl time.  I'm excited to go to work and not worry about whether Kendra is OK. I'm excited for Easton and Layla to have their first week of summer with Adrianne around to be a part of it.  Never a dull moment with this family, right?

See you soon.

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