Sunday, November 18, 2012

Down Cycle... Finally

Greetings friends and family,

Today marks a significant milestone in the house of the 4Webbs.  This was a finish line for the over-committed life we got ourselves into. For the past three months we took on too many extra-curricular, time-intensive commitments that caused some temporary stress.

I was in Sacramento working my tail off for a few days while Kendra was running the household.  We can manage with just those two top priorities, but it's the additional serving and leading that got us in too deep.  Kendra made a conscious effort to befriend some other moms, which led to play dates.  Zander and Joya are two kids who I am happy to have around the twins.  their Dad and I are close friends.  Because I trust and like him, it is easy for me to agree to our kids hanging out.  Zander and Joya are not perfect, but neither are Easton and Layla.  There...  I said it.  I am not a disillusioned Dad who believes, "MY children would never do that ".  Even so, they are testing the boundaries and successfully building the river banks that will guide them through life successfully.  

One of the unforeseen straws that broke the camel's back of our sanity was when our house turned into a movie set.  Yes, these are real actors and producers and equipment in our living room shooting scenes for a movie.  For four days and nights Kendra hosted as the twins observed them filming.  Not many kids can say they experienced this kind of thing and I was out of town anyway, so I gladly agreed with Kendra to sacrifice in order to accommodate.

Another new friend of Layla is named Kayla.  Her sisters are a part of the young adults group we lead.  Her Mom is a new friend of Kendra's and her Dad is someone I will get to know soon.  If she likes owls and zhu zhu pets, then Kayla came to the right house!

Easton developed his camera smile and we're actively working to reverse the habit.  All it takes is making a joke about a bodily function.  Instant laugh with a smile to go with it.

The day I arrived back home, Kendra's family showed up for a week of vacation time together.  Ouma, Oupa, Logan, Bree, and Aunt Judy are all spending quality time with the 4 Webbs.  We thank God for a spacious house that gives us all a place to sleep and room to move around.  Bree is almost officially my sister and we are excited to get to know her on a whole new level.

Logan is taking on the Uncle role very well considering how overwhelming the twins can be for someone who hasn't had much kid experience.  We went for a family walk in the greenbelt and Logan jumped up on a light pole just for fun.  Miss "How 'bout me" needed to join him up high and Uncle Logan gladly complied.

Easton was way out ahead of us as we slowly meandered along.  That's why I have no pictures of Easton on our outing.  He headed straight for the known home of Hootie and Howie where he spotted a huge eagle or falcon of some sort perched high up in an adjacent pine tree.  We ran up as she excited called us to see what he discovered.  Sure enough, there was one of the biggest birds I've seen in the wild.  Easton is Mr. Observant and doesn't miss a thing...  Especially when it is right up his ally.

I stopped the forward progress of our clan for a photo opp. of the engaged couple.  No one is looking forward to their wedding more than Easton and Layla besides the happy couple themselves.   Kendra and I are in the wedding party, Layla is the flower girl, and Easton is the ring bearer.  That's going to be a memorable day next year for sure.

Ever since she arrived Easton and Layla are on Ouma time.  That means they must know exactly where she is at all times and unless there is a reason not to, they expect to be in her lap.

After dinner Logan and Bree took care of the twins as we crossed the busy parking lot.  Saturday nights are extremely crowded and busy.  Good thing Kendra had us sitting down early at 5:30 before the rush.  Because of our good timing we had the privilege of dining in the outdoor patio, comfortably enjoying the evening air.  Not bad for mid-November!

The other undertaking on Kendra's plate was the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  She trained and worked hard to strengthen her knee for the three mile obstacle course which included crawling through mud.  She liked it so much that she is already excited to do again next year.  I'm very proud of Kendra for pulling their group of "Anointed Angels" together and succeeding in her goal to finish the race!

We also said, "Good-bye" to Morgan, our roommate.  She only lived with us for 10 weeks, but she became a part of the 4Webb family so much that I already miss her being around.  Our late-night living room talks about life, love, and employment are partly to blame for my decreased blog posts, but it was well worth the sacrifice.  Kendra helped her in so many ways including mentoring to break through emotional strongholds all the way to helping her learn to cook.  We sent her off with a full heart and all the blessings we could give her.  She will be missed!

Sunday after church will be a special surprise for the twins and I can't wait to experience it with them!  Time to put work aside for a few days and spend some quality time with the house-full of family.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

You sure have had a busy schedule and "down" time is ess ential to recoop and keep one's sanity. Glad you could be with ouma and others for a few days. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and know that you will be missed at this Webb house. Love ya gobs, MOM

The Four Webbs said...

Thanks, Mom! We will have a great time, but miss you very much also... especially during the holiday season. I love you