Friday, June 8, 2012

Sliding Through Summer

Greetings friends and family,

The question each morning from Easton and Layla is, "when are we going to swim?"  Notice there is no question of IF, just a matter of what time.  As in, when daddy gets home from work!  Blue goggles, blue swim suit, and blue noodle for Easton.  Pink goggles and pink swim suit for Layla.  Wonder where they got that idea?  They like when I swing them around by the armpits across the top of the pool like motor boats.  Guess who wins?  My back muscles win because it's a workout and a half dragging these two around.

Seems like only yesterday I stood nervously at the end of the little slide as they stumbled up the steps and down the slide.  

My, how the times change quickly.  They convinced us to bring the slide inside the house because it's too hot outside to do anything else besides swim.  To my surprise they're playing on it every day for 15 minutes at a time.

Layla paused at the top of the slide when she saw me take out the camera.  She automatically does that soft, head-tilt thing like a model.  Awe yeah...  That's my girl!

Easton is more concerned and focused on the task at hand.  Having the most fun possible while getting to the bottom of the slide.  Luckily I have a fast enough camera to capture the moment as he flew by.

The twins are both very interested to review each picture I take.  After each shot they both run over and say, "can i see the picture?"  I can tell I'm getting OLD because my first thought was:  "When I was your age we had to send off our film to Walmart for 7 days before we could see the picture of what we took!"

Then I turned on macro mode to capture close-ups and they howled with laughter after each picture.

Their expressions are developing vividly more and more each day.  Although Easton looks like an aggressive rap star spittin' lyrics he's really just a kind-hearted good boy making crazy faces just for a laugh.

The other regular comment from the twins after I take a picture is, "Send that one to Ouma and Oupa!"  Like this one showing his newly acquired garbage truck.

He wants to show them the inside because it holds so much trash.  This was a reward for filling his fuzzy jar.  Aunt Mary is in town for a week and she was kind enough to buy it for him.  He's been wanting this exact garbage truck for three months or so.  Sure hope he doesn't really want to become a trash man...  Whatever he likes though!  I hear sanitation engineers make a nice living.  :)

I took a hiatus from making paper airplanes, but threw the idea out just to see if the twins would be interested.  They answered with a resounding "yes, please!"  We had the best time creating and decorating the airplanes with markers.  Throwing the loopty-loop planes around the house is a surprisingly loud experience.  You'd think an activity like paper airplanes wouldn't make much noise, but as they loop through the air and hit unexpected objects (like people), loud laughter and bragging ensues.

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

The Mafiosa make a great living managing the garbage industry ! ;-) BDS