Saturday, June 16, 2012

Loving the In-laws

What's up friends and family?  Only took us two days to settle into NorCal life.  I used a full vacation day which included sleeping in until 10:00.  I can't remember the last time we did that.  Sure felt good to roll over and go back to sleep when Uno and Dos woke up at 7:15 as they always do.  We knew Ouma and Oupa were taking good care of them and we had no appointments or errands or work to pull us out of bed.  This was a little taste of our upcoming kid-less vacation and I can't wait.

Easton and I put together his ready-to-fly rocket as we wait for the right weather conditions and timing for all of us to launch it.  He's been looking forward to this since we launched a similar one with cousins Eli and Silas almost two years ago.  Some assembly required and we did it perfect.

I had to place the rocket on top of the fridge because Easton wanted to play with it and pretend.  Then we went back to playing with his the toys kept only at Ouma and Oupa's house like this massive track with a woop-T-woop.

Kendra loaded up her old shuffles with tons of songs then gave one to Easton and one to Layla complete with headphones.  Layla is in dance heaven with her own setup.  She turned on her tunes and then danced for us across the living room as though the music was booming on a stereo system.  

Ouma and Oupa's new house comes with a pool!  Well, maybe you see it as a hot tub, but the twins see it as their own personal sized pool.  They were swimming under water so much that it was difficult to get a picture of them both above water.

I was excited to see Ouma bought new pajamas for the twins because most of theirs are high waters and tight sleeves.  Layla's has a mermaid on them and Easton has a dinosaur driving a race car.  perfectly matched for their personalities.   I'll ear mark this picture as one of my all time favorites because it captures their happy hearts so well.

We were treated to an appearance for dinner by Kendra's brother, Casey.  Was great to hang out with him and the twins loved it just as much.  After the swim Casey agreed to brush Layla's hair.

Then Layla brushed Casey's beard.  She really gets sharing and being considerate of others!

Kendra and I are going for nightly walks together.  Normally this isn't an option for obvious reasons, but we are taking full advantage of the alone time opportunities.  The temperature cools down nicely at night as Ouma and Oupa watch guard over the sleeping twins.  That makes for a perfect combination for us to sneak out and hold hands while we walk.

See you soon!

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