Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Build and Grow

We considered going to visit Ouma and Oupa early, but I just felt we should stay in town until our originally scheduled date.  Then Aunt Mary called and offered to visit for a week.  I love it when things work out.  She requested we not do too much adventuring, but instead just enjoy the day to day happening.  We gladly complied with that wish because we've been running around like crazy preparing for our trip.  

I sat down with Aunt Mary and asked a few questions because I really enjoy receiving an outside perspective.   

Me: Describe Easton.  
Mary: He is inquisitive.  He asks all kinds of questions that start with why, where, how, and why not.  He's also thoughtful.  He offered me jelly bean without any prompting.  Then Layla asked for one also.  Easton offered her half of one jelly bean.  

Me: Describe Layla.
Mary: Expressive.  She feels free to express herself in so many ways including hand gestures, facial expressions, and vocabulary.

Me: What is the most notable trait of watching twins:  
Mary: How well they get along.  They play so well together and truly are best friends.  The twins are free to be who they are.  I'll come back to this statement in the next blog post and explain why it is bold and why it means so much to hear it.  

Me: What is the most notable parenting trait?
Mary: How Kendra facilitated Easton and Layla's activities during the days.  

Me: What is the most abnormal characteristic of the Webb house?
Mary: how active and busy the household is for all 12 hours per day while the kids are awake.  From 8 AM to 8 PM the energy level is so consistently high.  

Mary also discovered that when you ask 4-year-olds what they are "supposed" to get for snack time it turns out like a substitute teacher.  They gladly offered to guide her towards the jelly beans, and other various sweets which they never get as snacks.

Her assessment and experiences are right on target with what I see, but I enjoyed hearing the unfiltered, unprompted response from Mary since she hasn't seen the twins in a few months.  

One of the accomplishments of Mary's time with us is the rebuilding of the cornice boards in our great room.  Kendra picked out the pattern and Mary used her craftsmanship talent to create the three boards.  Mary describes Kendra's choice of fabric as "jewel tones, funky, daring, and gutsy".  I agree

Pattern matching all three was difficult, but Mary worked with the material and they turned out great.  Total cost was $65 because we reused the solid wood core of the original cornice boards.  I'll take another picture during the day some time so the color shows up better.  

One evening this week we conversed and danced around in the living room before bed time.  Easton and Layla discovered the funny effect of "the human spring board".  They stand on our feet as we sit on the couch, then on the count of three Kendra and I spring them into the air as they jump from our feet.  This picture of Layla shows the extraordinary strength and balance she has.

I call this:  Ninja training.

A few weeks ago at Lowe's Easton saw a flyer inviting young builders to a clinic to build an airplane.  Easton asked, "Can you take me to this?"  I responded with an emphatic "YES! but we need to clear it with Mommy first".  The day arrived and Layla expressed an interest to join us.  On the way there I looked over at the car next to us and noticed the red bike's wheels are produced by Easton, the company.  I asked Easton "Do you see the word on the wheels of the red bike?"  He spelled it out one letter at a time and then realized it was his name! He lit up like a bolt of lightening and expressed how cool it was to see his name on the wheels.  Took me a few minutes to convince him that was HIS bike.

We arrived at the Lowe's Build and Grow clinic with zero expectations because it was a whim of an adventure.  The twins received a free pair of safety goggles, apron, hammer, and a pre-sorted bag of parts along with instructions.

4 is the perfect age for these clinics.  The age ranges we saw was 3-12 or so.  I was surprised how many people were there!  Probably 50 parents and kids sprawled out across the area building away.  

Easton and Layla both proved to be very handy with a hammer.  Just needed them to be a little more forceful to drive in the nails...  It's a learning process for sure!

The instructions were great for not-so-handy Dad's like me.  I bent a couple of nails, but luckily the bags contained a few extras.  We will most certainly do this again because it was free and a great learning experience for the twins.  I'm teaching them to read directions now so they will continue that pattern instead of following in my footsteps.

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the new decor Mary helped u both with! What a neat learning experience with hammer and nails on an airplane. Love ya gobs. Mom