Monday, June 18, 2012

Rockets Red Glare

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

Somehow we brought the 108 degree temperatures with us from Phoenix to Sacramento.  No problem for us desert rats!  We just do what we normally do during the summer... Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.

The great thing about this heat wave is that it's just a wave and will subside soon.  We'll be enjoy 60 degree mornings by next week.

Easton's rocket was itching to be launched .  He and and I were both excited to get it airborne.  We convinced the family to head for the park.  Unfortunately, I didn't capture Easton's launch due to the lack of a memory card in the camera.  Doh!  He helped ready the launch pad, stage the rocket, and then fired it off all by himself.  Packing the parachute was not applicable for a four-year-old though.

A slight miscalculation left the rocket in a neighbor's back yard.  I trespassed and recovered it for Layla's turn at firing it off.  Easton was a gentleman when it came to sharing his beloved rocket with Layla.  I thought it would cause more of a conflict, but he was cool with it.  Especially since he was seated comfortably on Ouma's lap.

Layla lovin' on Oupa is a regular occurrence.  Out in the park waiting for the rocket launch was no exception.  Some of my favorite moments are watching Layla receiving the approval from him, which she desperately needs and deserves.

This next picture is the last we'll ever see of the mighty RipTide rocket.

We thought we had the wind accounted for in the launch trajectory, but we were wrong.  :)  It blasted off into the sky so high we could barely see it.  Then the parachute deployed as expected.  Then it started floating off towards the neighbor's house further and further until it drifted out of sight into a cluster of back yards across the street.  We knocked on doors and even hung flyers on garages in hopes someone would find it.  No luck...  Oh well, Easton and Layla both had one good launch!

Kendra's aunt/cousin Joan has an incredible back yard oasis resort.  She also invited us to go there any time, any day!  Yes, thank you.

A few days ago the twins and I were talking about age.  I told them I am 37 years old and they both gasped from disbelief.  That number of years is unthinkable for them.  I described how Layla is Kendra's little girl, Kendra is Ouma's little girl, and Ouma is GG's little girl.  That conversation took a wrong turn when GG was relaxing with us in the living room.   Layla asked, "GG, why are you getting old?"  Not exactly the kind of question GG appreciates, but her response echoed my own, "because everyone gets old."  One of those questions a four-year-old can get away with and it's still cute.  I'm glad she is inquisitive.

GG sat in the shade requesting an occasional splash on her legs to stay cool.  Ouma and Kendra joined us to  dive for rings and do some laps.

There is no doubt we are a fun-loving family of interesting individuals.  Each one in unique.  Together, we are awesome.   What a way to share adventures through our summer!

See you soon.

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