Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snugglee and Snugglor

Howdy friends and family,

As I whined over the past few posts about the busyness of life a reasonable person might infer I haven't taken time to catch up on blog reading.  I got an email from Marisue who pointed out a particular post on my best friend's blog titled, "The wife loves to snuggle like a fat kid loves cake."

It really is as humorous and relatable as she suggests.  He wields the English language like a sword so I won't even attempt to add or remove anything from his post.  However, I can describe how this works out in the Casa de Webb and hopefully provide some support for his wife since I'm a fellow snugglor.  Kendra feels the same way my friend does, but mostly because she's hot like a locomotive furnace.  Her core body temperature is probably above 105 degrees.  If any part of my body crosses the (very defined) middle of the bed then her temperature increases to 115 degrees or so one would think by her reaction.

I admit my halitosis breath attacks before my head finishes sinking into the pillow.  Also, I breathe heavy all night long (think Darth Vader in a sauna).  Even so, I cherish the nights where I get 3-4 minutes of snuggle time before she overheats and I'm relegated to the cold half of the bed.  Our marriage is at a place where we laugh about this kind of thing.  We realize if this is the most heated  disagreement we have then our relationship is very solid.  Anyway, I had a good chuckle from my friends blog post and I'm sure you will too.

The only pictures worth mentioning lately are from my new iPhone.  The image quality still stinks, but it's better than what I had!  If nothing else it is handy since I never go anywhere without my phone.  Easton and Layla are so lucky to have such an awesome built-in playmate.  Easton wanted to push his dump truck to the mailbox.  Lucky for Layla we figured out early how duplicity diminishes disputes.  Kind of like having two tubes of toothpaste so couples don't fight about how the other person rolls or squeezes.  Layla, not wanting to be left out, requested her own dump truck.  No problem!  We actually have THREE dump trucks so when one of them chooses a dump truck the other one gets a choice between the second and third ones available.  Now THAT's thinking ahead.  avoiding single-toy arguments results in pictures like this:

instead of something out of Fight Club.  See you soon!

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