Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello friends and family. The Rosa family came to town for a weekend instead of digging their toes in the ocean sand 1 mile fr their house. That's sacrifice if I ever heard it!

Kendra and April joined thousands of screaming pre-teens at the Taylor Swift concert. They even went so far as to hand-paint signs on their shirts! I supported them completely and I'm very glad for them to go have some silly fun together. I hope Kendra never loses the young at heart fun side I was attracted to when we first met. The same genes are proudly running through Easton and Layla!

They loved every minute of play time with their old pal. Layla cried after Layla Ruth left and that's really difficult to watch because there is nothing a father can do to change the situation. However we openly discussed how we are grateful for the time we were given.

This is a short blog post from my iPhone because I've been volunteering for the conference at church the past few days. I'm looking forward to the weekend more than normal because I'm missing the evening daddy time I'm used to getting.

See you soon!

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