Saturday, February 17, 2018

Winter home life

Hello family!

Disneyworld is just around the corner for us!  I can't wait to take a vacation from everything.  I'll be unplugged from work and life and doctors and responsibilities for a short time with the 4 Webbs on the biggest adventure we've taken so far.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  Easton and Layla are learning to code.  There is a product called a code car that ships a USB connected integrated circuit board that is shaped like a car.  The software online allows you to use code samples to make the lights and noises do different things.  They both did really well, but it only took about 30 minutes to work through all of the examples.  Now they will need to get creative with the code and edit it manually.  That's when the fun will begin.  I told them both, "as long as you can code, you'll always have a job.

I took Easton and Kain out for community service project just because.  our neighborhood pond was looking a little trashy so we took a trash bag and a long stick to clean up it up.

I was proud of them for figuring out ways to reach the trash even after repeated saying, "i can't...".  sometimes it's the little accomplishments that build confidence. 

Easton used his chore money to buy a laser gun game.  He convinced Layla to join in.  They ran around the house playing the modern version of laser tag.  it's a great indoor game on these cold, rainy days at home.

Layla is getting ready for her next performance in March. She is improving so much lately.  The olympics are fun to watch with her because she calls out the moves and knows which ones are truly impressive. 

We have been watching the winter olympics almost every night.  Easton's neighbor friend comes over frequently and does whatever we are doing as a family.  dinner time, watching a show, or playing board games.  Tashinga is happy to join in. 

Layla has her own pal, Max to share a chair with as we cheer for the figure skaters.  Kendra sits next to me on the couch since she is the most interested person in the house when it comes to olympic events. 

That's all i have time for today, but I'm starting to write out my final blog post already so the curtain is about to close on the 4 Webb's blog soon. 

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