Monday, February 12, 2018

10 year olds, finally

Hello family... and classmates of Easton and Layla,

The twins informed me they brought up this blog site on the computers at school and showed their friends.  I'm really happy for them to share the pics and videos and stories, but this is a milestone I've been waiting on for a long time.  For the past 10 years I've been blogging regularly.  I've been planning to end this when they turned 10 or whenever they started to share their own story.  It looks like those two milestones are going to happen at the same time.

With their 10th birthday and the Disney World trip coming up soon i'm committed to end this blog on a high note after our vacation is over.

Six weeks into the new year and we are still going strong with our nightly reading of the New Testament so that we complete it by the end of 2018.  First, we do math by dividing the number of scriptures by the number of people who are reading.  Then we decide who will read which section.  Then we do reading and grammar as we read aloud through the chapter.  Those benefits are just an added bonus for the real reason why we do this.  The main goal is to develop spiritual warriors with Biblical literacy.  We spend about 15 minutes reading and 5 minutes talking.  They still see this as a "do we have to" kind of thing, but i'm confident by the end of the year they will have a healthier desire to spend time in the Bible. 

Layla's figure skating is primary, but occasionally she gets a chance to cheer, which she enjoys almost as much as skating.  She went to an evening camp for two days and then half-time performance with the high school cheer squad during their basketball game.  She was front-and-center with her high intensity spirit. 

The 4 Webbs are full of anticipation as we prepare for our Disney trip.  Pirate costumes are not required, but we are going the extra mile to have a full experience on the cruise ship. 

Our semi-coordinated shirts will be nice and cool as we run around Disney World in the 83 degree heat and sunshine.  I can almost feel it on my face already.

In the Seattle winter we have to find ways to get our activity badge for the day.  I took the twins and their friends to my gym for family night.  Easton and Kain spent most of their time in the nerf gun room, shooting random strangers. 

Layla and Makya bounced around the jump houses and danced to the big screen videos. 

I took the crew to Red Robin because I was crazy enough to let them choose.  I hope they continue to see me as the "cool dad" who gets to be included in their fun. 

Sometimes we go on outdoor adventures whether it is raining or not.  I took the boys and Max out for a hike because when the sun peaks through the clouds I want my face to be there to catch it.  I'm secretly doing some cross training with Easton to prepare him for our boys trip this summer. 

Easton and Layla are 10 years old.  It's a fact, but Kendra and I are having a tough time coming to grips with this.  Not because we don't want them to be 10, but the realization is that we have pre-teens in our house and we must adjust our parenting to fit their stage of life.  We celebrated their official day at Red Robin because they chose... again...

Layla was most excited about the staff singing their happy birthday song for the whole restaurant to hear.  and the sundae.  that was significant too.

I'm planning for one more post before we leave and then one or two after we return before I pull the plug on the whole blog.  I'll use a program i have to capture the entire blog into a large e-book just for posterity sake.  After that it will be up to the twins to tell their own story. 

See you soon!

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