Thursday, February 21, 2013

Perfect Princess Party

Greetings friends and family,

I know nothing is truly perfect, but Layla's birthday party was as close as we could get.  the house was transformed overnight into a castle / play area / dining hall fit for a princess.  The picture that captures the party best is this one taken at the end of the day by our neighborhood park.  Look who's charging ahead...  little miss leader Layla, of course.

As her friends arrived there was a wardrobe change straight away into princess outfits.  Joya was the oldest of the crew, but Layla really looks up to her and considers her as a good friend.

Next was Lulu, her classmate from pre-k.  Layla hasn't seen Lulu in a few months so when I asked her who she was most excited to see, Lulu was the one.

Peyton is Lulu's older sister who is missing front teeth.  Easton had a crush on her a year ago at their 4th birthday party.

Kayla is a fairly new friend for Layla, but these two get along so well together.  She would have a play date once per week with Kayla if we let her.

And last, but not least, Emma.  She is another one of Layla's pre-k friends who she hasn't seen in a few months.  Emma was Layla's favorite playmate in school for a full year and she made a great impression on Layla for her to choose her as a top 6 girl to attend the party.

And we didn't want to get left out of the royal line up so here's the Kodak moment for us that day.

Easton spent the afternoon with Joya's brother and their family at the park.  I can count on one hand the number of families I feel comfortable enough to allow Easton to be on his own with.  They are a class-act and an answer to prayer for us to have family friends.  family friends means the kids get along, mothers enjoy each other's company, and I like the Dad.

We also got a picture of the full cast of characters.  I'll print this one out and give it to Layla as a memento she can hang in her room.

The decorations and setup of the party was a combination of Kendra's imagination, Target, and Pinterest.  It turned out really well and she received compliments from the mom's, princesses, and most importantly Layla.

She is such a strong leader that she dominated the conversations and took full advantage of the "it's all about me" concept.  At other people's birthday parties she does well to make it about the birthday girl (or boy) so I'm not worried about her behavior.  Kendra and I want these celebrations to be as meaningful and gregarious as we can afford.  I believe it is vital to a child's confidence and growth to mark these rights of passage with fanfare.  Occasions worth celebrating are worth making it memorable for them.

part of the princess party was a spa / makeup area where each girl had her fingernails painted and a little makeup applied.  Nothing crazy, just enough to make her feel special.  Ruth helped Kendra make the party a success.

Layla was more than happy to let her friends go first while she watched.

The girls who were not getting their nails done danced in the den to all of Layla's favorite songs including "I like to move it" and "party rock anthem".

Layla requested yellow and on alternating fingers.  The yellow polish is what Layla and I picked out at the store during our last Daddy date.  :)

Kylie arrived a little late so we didn't get her in the photo shoot, but she fit right in the rest of the princesses.  She was excited to dress up in the exact costume as the Rapunzel doll she was playing with.  We can't get more real than that unless we had a tower and an evil step mother.

The rest of these pics below were taken by Ruth and I'm so glad she was willing and talented enough to capture the highlights of the party.  I'm too tired to comment on each of the pictures, but Ouma requested I post every possible picture so she can enjoy Layla's birthday vicariously since she wasn't able to be here in person.  Yes, I did wear one of the princess crowns and decorate a cupcake with the princesses.  That's just how we do things around here in the Webb house.  If I can get involved in what interests Layla, then I will at all costs even if my pride is collateral damage.

My favorite picture of the lot is when Layla is looking at me as I sing Happy Birthday to her.

See you soon!

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Unknown said...

Loved the princess party Layla had and Kendra did a fabulous job making everything pink and princessly!! Miss you guys but am fortunate to watch them grow up on your blog... Love you all and happy times ahead!!