Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Farm Fresh

Howdy friends and family,

The 4 Webb's eat exclusively at home unless we have a Groupon or a coupon.  We're on track to have the best financial month in the past 4 years.   We will have a full review of our month expenses during the "family budget meeting" on Tuesday night.  Hooray for us.  

We used a Groupon to eat a "The Farm at South Mountain".  They have their own farm on the property including chickens, melons, and vegetables.   Last night I watched "Food, Inc." by myself this weekend and I'm overly informed and utterly disturbed now about what we are eating and what we should be eating.  Yikes.  Ignorance isn't bliss in this situation...  Ignorance will lead to 1 out of 2 people living with diabetes.  Anyway, here's quick rundown of what happened at The Farm:

Lettuce show you how we love one another.  

Easton is such a fun guy.  No, not fungi.  those are wild mushrooms and probably poisonous so don't eat them!

Nothing but the sweetest berries on the vines.

Cage-free animals roam the property.

The food is so fresh you'll throw up

your kids into the air.

If I ever get so mature that I'm no fun, somebody send me this next picture and ask, "what happened to THAT guy?"

It is joyous to get down on their level and make them feel special doing what they like to do, with them.  Nothing wrong with that, but I am Easton and Layla's father, not their friend.  Many parents attempt to be either equal to kids in friendship or authoritarian and dictatorial.  Neither of those are the right balance.  The twins understand and accept we are the parents who set boundaries.  If one of them crosses a boundary there are bad consequences.  Kids get choices and options when we say they do, not when they whine or argue enough.  Sounds a little harsh, but we are building their moral and societal compass, which will guide them when they are older and out on their own.  

There will be a time for friendship after they move out of our house.  It is crucial to understand that the parent-child role has an order!  I've seen people try to be friends with their 4 year old and then parent them when they turn 24 years old.  Doesn't work that way... Not that I have all the answers, but I listen, read, and observe well.  :)

Talk to you soon!

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