Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costumes Abound

Greetings friends and family,

We aren't celebrators of Halloween for the wizardry, whitchcraft, and death.  However, it's tough this time of year to keep Easton and Layla away from the negative influences of this season.   They are taking the commercials and marketing in stride.  we walked into the grocery store and there was a creepy ghost looking guy and a full-size skeleton.  

After we returned home I discovered our house has it's own ghosts who wander through the halls laughing and bumping into door knobs.  

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head come out to play occasionally.  Layla grabbed two sets of lips and and we pretended to talk like the Potato Heads.  We were laughing so hard it when we looked in the mirror it was difficult to keep our lips behind the plastic ones.

Easton wanted in the fun so I let them look in the mirror together and share in the giggles.  They were entertained for at least 5 minutes just making funny faces.

Kendra did a great job setting up and hosting the party at our house.  The group of young adults from our church came over for a costumed evening of dinner and games.  Easton and Layla did very well with their first grown-up type party with costumes.  They greeted the guests and fit right in with all of us for dinner and conversation.  At Kendra's request I was Buzz Lightyear again even though i have a full spiderman suit in my closet.  She prefers for me to save that for Halloween day so I can surprise Easton.

 The twins didn't get to stay involved very long because of bed time.  I helped get them ready for bed so they could make their rounds saying goodnight.  Kyle, dressed as a banana, made us all laugh so hard.

Easton was not feeling 100% during the past two days.  We've been taking it easy as much as possible, but he still is feeling well enough to go along with the day to day activities.  I won tickets to go see the live performance of Clifford the big red dog.  I can't believe they are $25 each!  I know I wouldn't have paid $75 for the 90 minute show.  Since it was free I enjoyed it more than anyone in the entire theater.

The show was perfectly fit for 4-year-olds, but it was nothing special compared to the Toy Story 3 on Ice we went to a few months ago. The show was a musical with 6 people and a two man team who portrayed the big red dog.  The twins asked me each time a scene would end and lights go dim, "is it over now?"  They didn't want it to be over so each time I reassured them it was just a break in the action.

We arrived home tired from the forever long drive (a whole 25 minutes) and the excitement of the show.  I laid down for a nap and Easton agreed to nap with me on our bed.  We crashed within a couple of minutes and slept for about an hour.  We were awakened by the real princess Rapunzel!  Layla was dressed and ready to go to their friend's Halloween party.  Easton zombied his way back to his room and suited up again to represent the superhero power.

Elliot is one of Easton's favorite buddies at school.  They both like similar toys and characters, but it's really easy to find common ground for a couple of four-year-old boys.  

The last time Easton spent the day at Elliot's house he expressed interest in Elliot's marble maze toy set.  apparently he's still excited about it because he played with it again this time around.  Kendra and I put this at the top of our list for Easton's gift list this year.

Time to go wrap up the busiest week of our entire year with a good night's sleep and full day of excitement tomorrow.  I can't wait to have a chance to do nothing for a change...  rest is coming, just not yet.  :)

See you soon!

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