Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Social and Friendly

Hello friends and family,

The heat wave across the nation didn't leave out Sacramento.  Of course, 100/60 degrees for the high/low is much more tolerable than 115/86 degrees like it is in Phoenix.  

I came home from work the other day to find a house full of people.  Ouma, Oupa, Kendra, GG, Susie, and others.  As I walked in they all asked how my day at work was.  My sarcastic response was something like, "You wouldn't know because I'm the ONLY one who works around here!"  Everyone else is either retired, on school break, or taking days off work.  I'm grateful the extended family is taking time to be with Kendra and the twins.  Those moments are the biggest reasons we are here.  

Part of my role in these trips to Sacramento is to give Kendra lots of time with her friends and family.  That means I get big blocks of Daddy time so it's a win-win situation.  

What I noticed recently is a jump in social interactions and taking more chances.  Easton has always been risk-averse even more than I am.  However, his latest trend to jump in and get involved is a welcomed blossoming.  

I don't encourage showing off or bending to peer pressure.  He gets enough of that from the other kids already.  He stood under the bucket as it filled with water.  It dumped on him as he bravely stood beneath the flood.  show off.  :)

Easton and Layla were the only two kids with goggles on at the splash pad.  They requested them after being sprayed in the face a few times.   I give them bonus points for problem solving!  This trip was on a hot Sunday morning.  The place was packed with probably 35 or so kids all within a small age range.  Talk about a microcosmic science experiment...

For some reason age is the most critical thing kids want to know about each other even before names.  Layla voluntarily tells kids AND adults her age even when they don't ask for it.  Apparently this kid knew the protocol and asked her.

We refer to this location as the spider web splash pad because the playground attached has some equipment with ropes that look like spider webs.

Easton's risk taking is moving in the right direction.  A few months ago he wouldn't have taken the chance of climbing up and across something this challenging, but now he's testing boundaries like climbing up and over the equipment.

We are heading out for Layla's first camping trip and the adventures will certainly be numerous.  The 4 Webbs in a single tent...  

See you soon!

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