Monday, July 9, 2012

Hands-on Fireworks

Greetings friends and family,

Just now wrapping up the 4th of July fun since the festivities lasted so long.  Various neighbors felt the need to light off fireworks for the past 9 nights, but it wasn't a big deal for us.  Easton and Layla were fast asleep from being worn out and we were still up having good conversations and date nights.  For the official holiday we joined in the local block party where all (and I mean all) the neighbors joined in the festivities.  The twins went straight for the food table where they munched on healthy snacks and sweets with abandon.

These are rare, memorable occasions so we don't enforce the normal rules of food, bed time, or any other structure normally imposed at the Webb house.

They discovered snap-bangs and burned through two boxes in a hurry.  We could have stopped there and considered it a success because of the fun they had.

The sparklers were also a big hit, but rather than swing them around in circles the kids drew on the ground with them like chalk.

Easton discovered a new force of nature called fire.  Neighbors were more than willing to include the twins in everything the local kids enjoyed.

Two ladders and a plank provided the platform needed to set off the fireworks.  A table was filled from edge to edge with all manner of fountains and fireballs.  Easton and Layla each had the chance to light a few off.  They ran away as if it were a stick of dynamite.

Ouma and Oupa bought gloves for the twins so they could learn to catch and throw.  Seeing someone (or two) learn from square one was interesting.  They learned how to put on a glove and how to throw with the free hand instead of the glove hand.   next step is teaching them to move their glove to where the ball is going in order to catch it.  When they both throw the ball to me at the same time it doesn't work out so well, but they are very forgiving and we have some good laughs at me trying to catch two at a time.

Kendra love cousin time for the twins because she has such fond memories herself of those childhood days.  Autumn tried to eat one of Easton's cars.  They are both very cautious and kind around the baby even thought they don't spend much time around babies in general.  Must be all the practice of hanging out with Danny and Dean!

We are extremely grateful for the gift from Kendra's aunt Joan.  She gave us a free pass to swim in her pool as much as we want.  I'm hoping we're not wearing out our welcome, but I asked if she could put a bed in the gazebo and make our move-in complete.  More outstanding memories coming to a blog near you.

See you soon!

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