Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Howdy friends and family,

I don't mind the occasional sick kid or two, but why...  oh WHY?  does it have to be when my Mom and Dad are in town?  Easton and Layla are two of the healthiest kids I've ever been around.  We all know that one family who's kids are constantly sick.  That's not us.  Even so, we are working through the sickies with the help of the pediatrician.  Layla has a cough from somewhere in the depths of her belly button.  Easton's temperature was up to 101.5, which is usually a happy radio station in the greater Phoenix area.  For Easton that number is a one-way ticket to the doctor.  

I can't remember what Kendra said about the doctor's report.  All i know is that it's not pneumonia and treatable with antibiotics.  hooray for some good news.  

Even though there are cycles of fits and crying about unknown reasons they are doing very well under the circumstances.  Requesting Layla to stay inside the house with no dancing or running is like holding your thumb in a bottle of soda and shaking vigorously.  She can hardly contain herself.  Yes, the sit-and-spin is considered a low-key activity.

Disney's Cars 2 movie is still at the top of Easton's list of awesome things about life.  While eating sushi he commented about the Wasabi and how much he really wants to taste pistachio ice cream.  thanks a lot, Mater.  We went to the local grocery store and I bought a small container of the green ice cream just so he could find out how it tastes.  

The rocking chairs have been useful for a few years now and they still fit very well in them.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of them in their normal around-the-house clothes.  Layla in princess gear and Easton with Lightning McQueen.

The two of them took advantage of a rare opportunity to ransack our bed.  We've never allowed them to sleep with us or play on our bed, but since they weren't feeling well I gave them the chance to rest a few minutes and cuddle with us.

My Mom offered to make me a meal of whatever I wanted for my birthday so I took her up on the offer.  It's rare for me to have that kind of chance to have her cook a homemade meal for me of exactly what I request.  I remember growing up we ate what Mom fixed.  period.  She was not a short-order cook and didn't run a full buffet or present us with a menu each night.  Dinner was excellent just as I expected.

Kendra fixed me a chocolate cream pie with homemade whipped cream (not pictured here because I buried my chocolate pie in it after the picture).   Being serenaded to the happy birthday song from the twins and Kendra and my parents was the highlight of the night.  The pie was delicious too.  Easton said he was not hungry when the green beans were in front of him, but as soon as a slice of pie was cut he suddenly regained his appetite.  Can't believe we fell for that one...

Dad installed new florescent lighting in my garage and that birthday present will be the gift that keeps on giving for the next many years. the gift of light is much appreciated especially for Kendra who will be working on her make-shift furniture workshop.

See you soon!

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