Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chalk Talk

Greetings friends and family,

Spring break used to be a wonderful, relaxing week of freedom from school.  Then, when I jumped into the work force spring break faded away into memories where I used to think, "If I were in school now this would be a week off!"  Now things changed again...

For the first time in many years I care about spring break again.  This week Easton and Layla didn't go to school because of it, but I wish they did.  I know how much Kendra looks forward to those few hours each week where the house is quiet and she can accomplish things uninterrupted.  Also, occasionally I get to work from home because only on these days when they are at school is it quiet enough for me to join phone conferences without their voices echoing through the house.

Oh well...  just taking the good with the bad and making the most of it.  I had a few extra hours of Daddy play time because I came home for lunch to play.  We are playing outside as much as possible because the hot summer will be filled with months and months of indoor only play time (with regular swimming).  The basketball court makes a great canvas for chalk drawing.

or should I say...  chalk banging.   For some reason Easton and Layla enjoy smashing the end of the chalk into the cement and making little piles of the debris.  To each his (or her) own.  I caught a short video clip of a conversation with random comments.  They are both doing great with conversing and enunciation.  Layla declared the day "messy day" and Easton looks off in the distance as he is deep in thought about what states he likes.

We just found out today My Uncle Wayne will be here for a visit in two weeks.  Also, we will have two mystery guests stop by for a week as well.  Our house is becoming exactly what we hoped;  a welcoming place for visitors, friends, and family.  

I told Layla about Uncle Wayne's expected visit and she excitedly said, "Uncle Wayne?  Oh, I LOVE Uncle Wayne!"  by the way she's never met him and never seen his picture and never talked about him.  Even so, she knows family is family and she's ready and willing to love for that reason alone.  

See you soon!

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