Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentines

Howdy friends and family,

This time of year is when Kendra and I feel like ships passing in the night where we are two hard-working individuals who happen to sleep in the same bed at night.  It's not because of a lack in love or romance.  Those things are well in order and her love bank account is in positive territory.  The situation arises because we are in a low section of our cyclical discretionary time.  This too shall pass.  for now I at least have the blog as my primary tool of procrastination.  

I don't think I shared this picture previously, but it's my favorite in many months of Easton.  He is a handsome boy with a happy heart.  I'm starting to see small fruits of our efforts from years of consistent guiding and teaching.  

I won free tickets to see the Phoenix Coyote's hockey game against the Blackhawks.  We picked an awesome game to see as our first hockey experience.  The place was sold out and we were treated to an extra special ceremony where Jeremy Roenick was celebrated with his name unveiled in the "ring of honor".

And the coolest part was a fight broke out within the first 5 minutes of the game!  The Coyote's won but I had such a great time regardless of who was winning.  I probably won't get season tickets any time soon, but if offered free tickets I will definitely go again!

Kendra spent another day with Easton and Layla at their school.  First for Easton's birthday then for Layla's and then a third time to assist for Valentine's Day.  They sat in a circle and exchanged Valentine cards with their pals.  Easton had "Puss in Boots" themed cards to give and Layla's were...  Disney princesses.  Surprise, surprise!

Easton was more excited than Layla to receive the special notes from his class.  Their personalities are sometime polar opposites.  Layla craved the social interaction and Easton thrived on the personal notes (gifts) he was given.

Earlier that morning the 4 Webbs ate a delicious Valentine's breakfast (compliments of Kendra).  She found ultra-cheap plastic bowls and cups on sale.  Layla was really impressed with the spread as she pointed out each item and the heart shapes.

Easton chowed down barely taking a moment to notice the special accommodations.  His appetite swung from "barely there" to "ferocious" within the past few days. Growth spurt?  You betcha.

I took the twins out to the green belt for an owl hunting expedition.  Hootie, our neighborhood owl, comes out at dusk on occasion, but this night had no chance because of group of rowdy boys playing football in the green belt.  We searched anyway listening for any hint of the "whoooooo" noise.  At least we found flowers! After this picture below, Layla put the flower behind my ear and I wore it that way in public for the next 3 hours without knowing it was there.  That explains some of the interesting looks I received!

Our friend Christy is coming into town Thursday.  Ouma and Oupa will arrive on Friday for a week-long stay at the Casa de Webb.  Our house will be buzzing with craziness, but I'm really looking forward to their visit.

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