Saturday, February 11, 2012

Layla's Birthday Celebration

Greetings friends and family,

Thursday was Layla's turn for the big birthday celebration at school.  See the Minnie Mouse dress?  Daddy and Layla picked that out at the second-hand store together during our shopping spree last week.  

One of her exciting duties in class was the privilege of holding the flag for the pledge of allegiance.  Thank God they can still say that in school.  Makes me proud of them for respecting the flag and our country.

We also had to buy a pair of black tights because she wore holes in the knees of her old ones while rough housing on the playground at school during the previous week.  She already has a strong tendency to fit in well as a dressed-up princess and an outdoor play time girl.  

See what I mean?  The picture above is her dancer look.  She holds her arm out straight with her hand flat and moves her shoulders to the beat of whatever song is playing.

I knew she would enjoy her special day in the spot light.  A blessing of the situation is how Kendra was able to be there in class and interact with Layla and her class for the day.  A true princess complete with her crown!

Layla's idea of a pajama party includes blankets, cuddling, and TV.  We've been watching science movies about electricity, Planet Earth movies about caves, and the occasional re-run of Cars 2 since Easton is such a big fan.  

Easton is noticeably absent from the pictures and blog post because he's been sick.  His energy level and tolerance level have been very low for the past couple of days.  He perks up about some things such as finding a gecko lizard in our front yard.

 I turned over a big rock to fix a sprinkler head while my two helpers prepared to shovel some dirt and gravel.  The gecko froze and Easton grabbed for it as soon as I brought their attention to it.  You might notice the bloody stump where his tail used to be...  We're still working on what "gentle" means.  It wasn't malicious at all, but these guys have fragile tails.  I comforted the twins by explaining how the lizard tail will grow back.  They let this little guy crawl around on their arms for a several minutes.

We also went bug hunting just the day before in the green belt.  We found ants, pill bugs, spiders, crickets, and a grub worm.  These discoveries were like finding diamonds or gold for Easton.  Each new creepy crawly creature scampering away from us was exciting for the twins.  So much to learn...

See you soon!

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