Friday, January 13, 2012

See Yourself... camera.

Hello friends and family,

One of the Christmas presents for Easton and Layla was the Fisher Price See Yourself camera (thank you, B.J. and Debbie).  It's a kid-proof camera with a lens that swivels 180 degrees.  It takes pictures and videos.  The twins picked it up and learned to navigate the buttons very quickly.  Kendra and I spent a couple of days demonstrating how it works.  We take a picture:

Then show it can be viewed through playback mode.  The quality stinks, but the concept is very cool and it actually works.  Not bad for$50!

Half of the fun is seeing yourself in the display while taking the picture or movie.  It's the perfect camera for self portraits like these.

Easton is even more interested in it than Layla, which surprises me.  He's taking hundreds of pictures and videos.  Most of them are blurry because they haven't mastered the art of holding still while taking the picture.  One of the best shots Easton took is this one of Dad, who rarely gets into the pictures since I'm always behind the camera.  All of that will change soon with the two shutter bugs we created.

For some reason the twins believe whoever is in the video should be telling a story.  This is humorous because at the end they are figuring out how to stop the recording.  

Just thought I'd share the funny side of learning as the twins figure out how stuff works. 

See you soon!

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