Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mickey and Minnie

Greetings friends and family,

We're already reliving the good ole' days when Ouma was here with us.  The twins get used to her being around very quickly and take it for granted even quicker.  Then when she's gone we have to leverage old photos, stories, and Skype to keep the sadness away.  Here's one of my favorites because even though we have a dining table that seats 10 they were both crawling up in her chair.

Only a few more years where they can both be on a person's lap at the same time.  Especially since they are in the middle of growth spurt.  My back screams after a day of lifting them up and down repeatedly.

they'll never be too old to wear Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears though!  Kendra's trip to LA was excellent from what I heard.  She brought back a Mickey and Minnie Mouse hat for the twins with their name embroidered on the back.  The ears are not a requirement for silliness and laughs, but they certainly don't hurt.

Kendra was very kind to bring those gifts and others home "directly from Mickey Mouse".  Easton and Layla were extremely jealous of Kendra's trip to Disneyland.  We did Skype with her once and it was an odd experience to sit with the twins while talking with Kendra on the other end of a computer.  I missed Kendra desperately even though our time together at home was filled with so much fun and adventure of our own.

I finally bought the right cable to connect my canon T3 with the HDMI port on the TV.  30 seconds later the den turned into a circus while Easton and Layla ran around like crazy.  This clip shows Easton and Layla doing some dance moves.

When Kendra is away I listen to music she doesn't like.  I crank it up REALLY LOUD and get my groove on.  For example, Daft Punk Tron Legacy soundtrack - Derezzed.  Oh yeah.

Kendra lasts about 30 seconds before politely requesting I turn it off.  Since she is so rarely away I made good use of my alone time.  :)

Easton and Layla's birthday is just around the corner and the twins talk about it every single day...  with us and strangers at the park and in the store and at church.  Everybody who stops to listen will get an immediate birthday countdown soliloquy.

Birthday week, then Ouma and Oupa visit then my Mom and Dad visit.  Our whirlwind of family and fun is just getting started.  All 4 of us are anxiously waiting for the upcoming events.

See you soon!

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