Friday, December 16, 2011


Hola friends and family,

We experienced one of the 20 rainy days per year during a cool evening.  Kendra was out running errands so I brought up the idea of going for a walk in the rain.  The immediate cheers and hustle towards the coat closet made me excited to get out there and splash around with them.

Rain boots don't get much use so we bought Easton's boots 4 sizes too big so he can wear them once or twice before he grows out of them.. I'm not exaggerating either.  He stuffed his foot in his house slippers and then stuffed that into the boot and they were still too big.  I am absolutely certain he will fit into them some day and then out grow them.  Unlike me who still has shirts from 11 years ago in my daily wardrobe.

Layla and I went on a Daddy date while Kendra took Easton on a Mommy date.  We separate the car seats   once in a while and take time for individual attention. Every time we do this Easton and Layla spend some portion of their adventure asking where the other sibling is.  I thought each one would be happy to take a break from the other, but that isn't so at all.  They'll get there eventually, but for now we are happy to see they miss their best friend.

Anyway, I took Layla for her first Starbucks hot cocoa.  she wasn't fond of the flavor since she is my vanilla-girl.  A while ago I recommended the link referencing 50 rules for dads of daughters.  Number 48 is:  "Ice cream covers over a multitude of sins. Know her favorite flavor."  I take these recommendations or rules very seriously and I know her favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite snack, favorite cracker, favorite song, favorite color, and hundreds of other favorites. I know that she knows that I know.  It shows in how vibrant she is.

Gregarious.  The word struck a chord with me when Buck Brannaman from the movie "Buck" used it to describe his daughter. I looked it up and sure enough it works well for Layla also.  Gregarious means : marked by or indicating a liking for companionship, sociable.  That's Layla for sure.  She chased Easton and I in a good game of tag.

Kendra discovered a pet we inherited with the new house.  Meet Toasty the owl.

He sat way up high on the very tip-top of the tree on the other side of the greenbelt.  The 4 Webbs stealthily walked across the back yard to get a better view.  Toasty was the highlight of the day.  I know this because the next two days were spent learning about owls.  As we walked back inside from our owl adventure Easton's first comment was, "Tell me all about owls, Mommy!"  His thirst for knowledge and openness to learn is music to my ears.  Kendra pulled up some youtube videos, read through some websites, and I finished the night off with a bed time story about an owl.  I am blessed because Kendra takes time to teach with a level of enthusiasm to match Easton and Layla's.

Ouma and Oupa and GG arrived safely this morning.  All 4 Webbs are ecstatic about their week with us.    I'll get a judges panel together to determine which recital video to post.  :)

See you soon.

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