Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupy 4Webbs

Greetings friends and family,

With all of the goofy, useless "occupy" movements out there I thought we should ride the wave and protest...  something.  Not sure what yet.  Maybe I'll ask Easton and Layla to describe any perceived injustices in their lives and we'll stage a sit-in.  In the mean time we are enjoying life and parenting.

Easton and Layla performed on stage for the first time.  Their Christmas caroling for their preschool recital was outstanding.  Kendra and I were smiling as though the twins were receiving a gold medal at the Olympics.

Before I get to the grand recital we have other adventures to cover chronologically.  The 4 Webbs attended a birthday party of Easton and Layla's classmate.  Other parents tell me the cadence of birthday parties will continue to increase for the next 10 years where at some point our entire weekends for months at a time will be consumed with buying gifts, eating pizza, and singing "happy birthday".  

Kendra is the coolest mom.  ever.  While the kids waited impatiently at the table for the pizza to arrive she took over and led the party-goers in a game of duck-duck-goose.  She didn't organize and then direct.  She participated too!

Easton joined the team sport of duck-duck-goose until he heard the train whistle blow.  He jumped up and searched the horizon for the train he knew was coming around.  the party included a ride on the train Easton sought.  Layla's expression brings a smile to my face.  I'm not surprised she emphatically requested her two friends sit beside her on the train ride.  They complied, but this may be a case of coercion.

Easton took a huge step towards manhood this day.  He kindly asked me to sit in the seat behind him so he could be brave and ride by himself for the first time.  My boy is growing up!  His demeanor during the train ride was one of confidence like a conquering warrior.

One rainy day was highly exciting for Easton because his friend, Coleton, and his sister came over to play.  I like to see Easton socially interacting with other good influences so this scene makes me happy.

On to Easton and Layla's first recital.  I took the day off work to attend the festivities which included the morning routine of getting the twins ready for school.  Kendra had their clothes lying neatly on the floor the night before so we had time for a dressed-up picture by the ole' Christmas tree before heading out the door.

Easton has always been one inch taller than Layla even when they were first born!  Looks like he's already sprouting a bit faster than her...

The twins loved being on stage and I was as proud as any father could be.  They followed directions, sang at an appropriate volume (unlike the loud-mouth girl by Layla), and performed all the hand motions like well-trained professional recitalists.

Their class came forward for a few special songs.  Layla was easily the most beautiful princess on the stage. That's not just my biased view either!  I'll bet any pageant director's official ranking would agree with me.

Easton was bribed to obey prior to the big event.  I promised to give him two hot-wheels he's been eyeing for days.  He made good on his end of the bargain and I did afterwards as well.  His untucked shirt was the most humorous part of the recital.  This kind of funny incident is a classic example of why parenting is so great.

The after party was delayed because Mary and Joseph were changing out of their costumes.  They were the parents of a child in Easton and Layla's class who happened to have a real-life baby.  The three of them were included in the recital making it even that much more special for the twins.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus then blew out the candle on the cupcake.

Easton and Layla ate the frosting top and left the cakey bottom on the plate.  I wonder where they got that from?  Oh yeah...  that's what I do too.  Speaking of similarities, after seeing Easton's outfit for the day I changed into my matching clothes just for fun.  same shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, and handsome smile.

This was the first time I rode with Kendra and the twins to school this year.  This was a worth-while vacation day.

See you soon!

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