Saturday, April 7, 2018

Closing the 4Webbs blog

Easton and Layla,

For 10 years I've turned tens of thousands pictures and videos into the longest story ever told.  This record of your lives from my perspective as a father of twins is a labor of love.  Since I started this, most of the world lost interest in blogs.  This method of writing tells stories in volumes, but then Facebook came along and stories were told in a paragraph.  Then Instagram narrowed it down to a picture and sentence.  Then snapchat brought it down to a picture and couple of words that evaporates in seconds.  Your experiences and memories are so valuable that I gave hours of my life to chronicle yours.

I decided to end the blog because once you told your friends about the blog, they are coming to see pics and videos of you all.  I don't want to continue posting in such an open, unfiltered manner because it might be used against you in school.  From now on you'll have to find a way to tell your own stories.

I never viewed the blog as a way to prove how good of a father I am.  It's full of mistakes and missed opportunities and outright failures.  Even so, I want you both to understand  how I was there for virtually every picture on the blog because I was the one taking the picture.  I wasn't just present and in the same room.  I was involved and soaking in every moment of fatherhood knowing I only get to do this journey once with both of you at the same time.  Although Kendra was also very much involved, she had no interest in writing or picture taking because she is much more focused on being in the moment. 

Easton, you are my amazing son!  More than any other attribute, I'm most proud of your kindness.  You are considerate of others and truly a gentleman who respects women, friends, authority, and strangers.  The way you think so deeply and focus intently on the things that matter most to you is legendary.  When you get a new Lego set, it is fully built in record time because of your ability to apply your passion in a focused manner on the task at hand.  I appreciate our cuddle time with Max where the three boys of the house embrace on the couch and give hugs while Max licks us.  If you choose to achieve your Eagle Scout rank or travel to Mars, I'll support you every step of the way.

Layla, you are my beautiful princess warrior!  Every morning for years I gently come to wake you up since you sleep in late.  As I approach your bed I say, "good morning my beautiful princess warrior" and rub your forearm as I kiss your cheek.  Your strength and tenacity will serve you well when directed towards the life-giving aspects of your focus.  You lead with confidence and experience genuine enjoyment from competition and success.  You've always had an eye for beauty.  your ability to see the beauty in the world and people blows me away.  Your love for drawing and dancing and figure skating is a joy to watch.

I'm adding two final pictures.  This one is our Easter picture taken at the Easter egg hunt.  It represents the most recent family picture we have and works well to show all of our smiles and shiny faces together.  There is so much love in this family and in our household.  I hope you always maintain this as the benchmark to surpass in your own relationships and households.

This one is a close up of you two representing the closeness of your relationship and relative height.  You two are best friends and no one can ever take that away.  We've been speaking that over your lives since the day you were born and believe it will carry through the rest of your lives no matter where you call home.

We have so many adventures yet to experience as the 4 Webbs, but as time goes on we will spend less and less time together because of extra curricular activities, friends, and school work.  Your foundation is already cemented and now it's time for you to build your life, brick by brick.  I love you both no matter what.  Fully, unconditional with the throttle wide open. 

You both dislike going for walks and hikes, but I make you anyway because I enjoy adventuring with you even during the small things like taking Max for a walk.  Just being with you two is the highlight of my day.

There is no way this blog will ever mean as much to you as it does to me, but I hope some day you find it valuable.   This body of work is not my legacy...  you are.  The two of you are gifts given by God.  You're also the greatest thing I will leave the world when I'm gone.  No matter what I accomplish in my lifetime, you two are my best creations.

Be blessed, Easton and Layla

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