Sunday, April 9, 2017

Layla on Ice

Hi family!

I've been blogging intermittently from my laptop, ipad, and phone for the past six months, but I'm finally back at a desk with my comfy keyboard and big monitors.  It'll be even better when my desk is clean enough to sit my Gatorade down somewhere...  for now i'm in a paper mess until tax season is over this week.  Hooray for being an adult. 

I'm way behind on posting the adventures with the twins so let me catch up.  Layla performed in figure skating and took first place!  She's been practicing this routine for about four months.  I paid the extra $20 to get the professional pictures because my only options for taking pictures was through a dense netting or hockey puck-scarred Plexiglas.  Anyway, Layla was graceful and confident in so many amazing ways.  This picture is my favorite to showcase the gracefulness.

this is the first performance where she is doing jumps.  She had both skates off the ice at the same time and landed smoothly.

catching air is not for the faint of heart.  She has progressed through the ranks where they start by practicing the landing first before ever leaving the ice.  There is some spiritual comparison there somewhere...

Her instructor worked with her a couple of times per week and we are fortunate to find her.  Layla's form and spins improved so much in the past few months. 

I loved watching the passion exude from her sparkly smile and the way she visibly is having fun out there. 

Layla inherited the competitive gene from Kendra's side of the family.  She is a winner at heart.  I am most proud of how kind and considerate she was to the other girls.  There was only one winner in each category.  She was composed and thrilled at the same time. 

Easton dislikes going with Kendra and Layla to her lesson every Thursday afternoon, but I made a point to let him know that his sacrifice of time at home is part of what enables Layla to achieve her accomplishments.  and the road is a two-way street.  or four-way, for the whole family.  We each sacrifice in our own way to help all 4 Webbs reach our potential. 

I'll stop here and pick up my next set of pics and stories in my next post because I promised Kendra I'd be in bed before 2:00am. See you soon!

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