Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Four cities in four months

Hello family,

Every morning I go the street where 75 (that's not a typo) kids from our apartment complex stand in line to wait for the bus.  Easton and Layla have never ridden the bus to school prior to this experience so it's a new world for them.  We leave 15 minutes early because the twins like to choose their seat.  It's cold and usually raining as we stand out there, first in line.  as the kids start trickling in, their friends come up and chat.  Layla talks to the girls about their clothes and things happening at school.  Easton talks to some boys about Pokemon cards and trades some occasionally.

Speaking of Pokemon... Easton's latest obsession is all things related to Pokemon trading cards.  Every time he gets a dollar to spend it goes towards buying cards and coins and toys.  From the start, I gladly accepted his invitation into this world of playing.  He invited to play the card game and I dove right in to learn the rules together.  He asked me to draw some of the characters with him since he found Youtube is filled with instructional videos for drawing.  I am so happy he wants to include me in his passion.

Alaysha is working two jobs now so her time with our family is limited.  For a while she wasn't working at all so she was around all the time, but lately it is a special treat to have her join us for dinner or an outing.  She went with us to the dog park over the weekend.  Max was too muddy to pick up so he didn't make it into our selfie.  Kendra was off doing something related to the house like shopping for flooring or furniture ideas.  Lately her free time has been consumed with preparation for the house move coming up this weekend.  One of the things i'll miss the most about this area is the close proximity to the off-leash dog park.  such a cool place...

It's not easy to find outdoor activities lately because of the cold temps and rain/snow.  I brought out the P90X3 videos and we worked out like champs in our living room.  the next day Easton said his legs were aching.  yeah... that's the point, boy!

Easton is getting interested in drawing.  Not sure where that idea came from, but he is asking for colored pencils, paper, and ideas for what to draw.  who knew?  I'm happy to help him grow in these areas where it will come in handy some day.  The only problem I see is that his penmanship is as lacking as mine.  I remember in my third grade class how my teacher wrote a note on my homework saying i should end my "c" with a definitive stopping point instead of a flick of my pencil.  subconsciously I gave up on hand writing that day and I'm happy to report that my job depends on my typing skills entirely and not a single bit on my handwriting...  So there, Mrs. Griffin.

Layla is drawing more often lately too.  her creativity is expressed most often on the windows and glass doors of our apartment.  The Christmas scenes and self-portraits are so entertaining to watch them come together and hear her explanations.

The twins and Alaysha and I went down South of Seattle.  Kendra visited Phoenix and left us all alone for 5 days.  On our way to pick her up from the airport we visited Neal and Angie, our new friends who know Neill and Jenny.  He is our mortgage broker who helped us buy our house.  we visited his house and then drove to the Living Nativity event in Gig Harbor at the Discovery Baptist church.  What an amazing setup.  It's a small pop-up village on the church grounds that includes a typical roman town and walks through the whole Christmas story as you go through the village.  At the nativity scene where the tour ends, they invited people to come up and see Jesus.  Layla isn't shy at all so she jumped right to the front of the line and watched the scene in amazement.  That was by far the best living nativity event i've ever seen.

The Webbs are home owners once again.  Our house is about 2,400 square feet, two story, four bedrooms, corner lot, with a massive tree in the backyard that I am excited for Max to pee on.  We will spend our first night there on the 17th.  The rest of the year will be fully consumed with unpacking boxes, selling stuff, and re-flooring every square inch.  I'm grateful for the corporate housing made available to us, but all 4 Webbs and Alaysha are super exited to be in our own house again.  We moved from Phoenix to Bellevue to Redmond to Bothell.  Four cities in four months is really taxing, but we are almost to the finish line!

See you soon!

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