Saturday, December 17, 2016

accomplishments and movement

Greetings family,

The 4 Webbs are officially moving on Sunday to our final destination.  Lots of excitement over the past few weeks and I'm really proud of how we have managed through it.  One of the biggest accomplishments is that Easton has his official cub scout uniform.  He's feeling like one of the boys now when he goes to the scouting events.  We are all very proud of him for jumping in with the other scouts and being himself around a whole new crew of people.

We had snow fall that accumulated enough for Easton and Layla to earn their first ever snow day!  The night before I took my camera and captured a few clicks of our backyard.  The total amount must have been less than two inches, but it was still exciting to see and experience.  It hasn't snowed like this in the Seattle area for three years! These kinds of weather anomalies keep on happening.  just coincidence...

Each year I take a picture of Easton and Layla in front of our Christmas tree.  For the past five years it was in front of a massive 13 foot tree at our house in Phoenix.   this year it is in front of a 4 foot tree that was given to us by our mortgage broker because he felt bad for us.  As you can tell by their smiles, we aren't letting the size of our tree determine the size of our joy.  We are all very content as we prepare for the long holiday break.

My company had a dinner party for my organization.  We made the most of the evening by going for a real date together.  Alaysha watched the twins and we went for a night on the town.  Kendra rented a dress because our stuff is still locked in storage and she didn't want to drop so much money on buying a new outfit.  She looked amazing and I was happy to be with her.

At the party we waited in line to get our picture taken.  Most couples did the side hug pose or held up some props like glasses or hats.  I chose to do this pose and Kendra followed along.  I'm not even sure how i described it, but this is how I really felt.  we were in a big group of people, but we loved being with each other and around each other.  There wasn't anything amazing about the party.  food was ok, meeting my coworkers was ok.  the thing that made it memorable is that we were dressed up and out on the town being totally in love in the moment.  these are the kind of things I dreamed about so many months ago when Kendra was bedridden.

I don't know when i'll get to blog again because this is the last night we have wifi at our corporate apartment in Redmond.  We may have internet tomorrow when we move into our house or we might not have internet for two more weeks as i dig for a router and modem through boxes.

See you on the other side of the move!

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