Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Different Zoo

Hello family,
The 4 Webbs are adjusting daily to the new surroundings and it's not without a little stress and stretching.  Max has a fungus in his ears and a rash on his body that itches like crazy.  Kendra took him to the vet and bought some medicine so hopefully his minor glitch will be solved with some drops in his ears and a change of dog food. 
The twins are adjusting to their third school in three months.  Phoenix, the school of Kendra, and now Redmond.  It's a crash course in being uncomfortable, but as a parent i'm responsible to prepare them for grown up life, so there you go. 
There is a hiking trail in a state park just 5 minutes from our apartment complex.  The climate is a stark contrast to our desert hikes and we are fully experiencing the difference.  moss grows on everything except our feet because we keep moving!   

I took the twins for a visit to the Woodlawn zoo on Saturday because the weather was unseasonably perfect and we needed some exercise.  If you've seen one zoo then you've seen them all, but this experience was awesome because all of the animals were close up and active.  

I was taking pictures of the twins and a lady walked by.  She said, "do you want to be in the picture?"  Well, yes I do!  we're just riding a bronze hippo.

Layla climbed on a lion statue to rest and admire the colorful trees. 

Easton is also known as "how about me" so he hoped up on another statue and smiled with cheese. 

Easton's favorite exhibit was no contest:  the great grey owl!  There were two majestic ones sitting and watching as the people wondered by.  Easton was mesmerized by them and describing all the details he knows about owls.

Layla's favorite exhibit was the otter.  This one was going back and forth doing laps in the pond like an Olympic swimmer. 

I'm happy about having the time to spend with the kids so much lately.  With no friends, no ministry, no house, no hobbies...  I have all the time in the world.  I know it is a short stage in the game of life and in our transition phase.  They'll be into their own sports and hobbies soon enough.  I'll be in my own work and ministry path.  but for now we are having family time every single evening and all weekend long. 

See you soon!

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